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Stewardship Planning

Our Stewardship PlanningTM process separates us from other financial services firms. We use the process to help us understand our clients as fully as possible so we can apply our financial knowledge and experience to appropriately preserve and grow their assets.

Stewardship Planning explores what our clients want from their lives and what they would like their financial plan to accomplish. We ask questions that might not have been previously considered. We find out what's important to our clients, what their goals and priorities are, and we learn what their investment strategies really need to accomplish. This highly personal approach has allowed conversations to go places that would never be reached if we held to a cut-and-dried numbers-only financial methodology.

The process includes:


We dig deep into a client's wants and requirements by asking and learning

  • What's important to them about money
  • How much is enough
  • What is on their bucket list
  • What are the life lessons they want to leave to their heirs

We look at how they view their legacy, their investment goals and preferences, and even their wish list. And, of course, we review their relevant financial information.


We then build a suitable and responsible plan based on a client's vision and requirements matched to the individual's financial capabilities.

And the result

A highly personalized plan that departs from standardized one-size-fits-most models. It's a plan that's tailored to the individual-to you, our client. Exclusively from Archer Huntley.

To begin the Archer Huntley Financial Services Stewardship PlanningTM process,E-mail to click here.

If you have already begun the process, here is a link to the eSteward program. Click here.