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The Archer Huntley Financial Services Team

To understand our team and our approach to financial services, it is important to understand our background

The Archer Huntley Financial Services, Inc., Story

When Jason Conrad Huntley was young, he watched his parents work hard for everything they had. His father Leo Conrad Huntley was an electrical engineer managing the operations of a communications company. The company was sold and the new owners brought in their own management team. After decades of loyal service, Leo was suddenly out of a job and unable to find a comparable position elsewhere. At 52, he had to find something fast.

Leo and his wife Carmel started a business cleaning carpets and restoring homes damaged by fire and water. They found that owning a business was a 24-hour-a-day job. With only business telephone lines coming into their home, Leo and Carmel's twelve-year-old son Jason was not allowed to answer the phone until he could give price quotes and set appointments with potential customers.

Through hard work the business thrived, and the Huntleys accumulated enough assets to retire 15 years later. While the Huntleys knew how to work, they did not understand how to make their money work for them. Had they planned their financial future, they might have been better prepared when the unexpected-Leo's job loss-happened. As a result, Carmel told her son, "I don't care what you do in life as long as you're happy, but understand how money works so you can be prepared." Jason listened. And a financial advisor was created.

Thomas Archer's parents-Larry, a commercial pipe fitter, and Barbara, a legal secretary-realized Thomas was good with numbers and encouraged him to develop this talent. University accounting classes were easy for him, but he wanted more. Since just tracking numbers bored him, Thomas decided to take a finance class. The idea of tracking money and wealth he helped create was exciting and helped direct his career.

After college, Thomas became a motivated intern at Merrill Lynch. He spent his spare time with brokers learning how to create wealth for clients. He was soon running the internship program with his future business partner, Jason Conrad Huntley, one of his first interns.

Thomas left Merrill Lynch to find a financial planning firm that offered a wider variety of financial products. He found what he was looking for in the brokerage division of the John Hancock Life Insurance Company. Given the freedom to develop financial plans with strong support from a well-established company, Thomas grew as a financial advisor and encouraged Jason to join him there.

The two were working together again, but there was something missing. Jason wanted the freedom to customize financial solutions for his clients. Thomas understood and recognized the benefits of having a strong research and support component. It was then they learned about the possibility of associating with an independent broker dealer. An independent broker dealer could support Thomas and Jason so they could support their clients. An independent broker dealer would ensure compliance with all financial regulations, provide the research to direct recommendations, and have no links or business arrangements that would compromise objectivity. By working with an independent broker dealer, Jason and Thomas would have the support and resources of a large company while maintaining the freedom to create appropriate financial programs for their clients. They chose to associate with Founders Financial Securities, LLC, a well-established and respected independent broker dealer.

The result: Archer Huntley Financial Services, Inc., was founded on January 1, 2001 and has been helping clients achieve financial comfort ever since.

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