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Education Planning

Providing for a child or grandchild's higher education is a priority for many Archer Huntley Financial Services, Inc., clients. The intent is to give a child the best possible education, but financial reality frequently adjusts that wish to the best affordable education.

We can assist in expanding the meaning of "affordable." We can help determine present and future college costs and identify sources of funding. Our process includes several planning considerations:

  • Who will participate in the funding?
  • Will there be more than one student?
  • Is the funding for secondary, graduate, or post-graduate education?
  • What are the income levels of the parents and/or grandparents?
  • Will there be additional sources of income?
  • Are there reasons to fund by directly reducing estate resources?
  • Should assets be in a child or parent¬ís name?
  • What other current or future financial requirements should be considered? Could assets diminish or be used for other purposes before they are needed for education?
  • What state incentives or benefits are available?

Working together we can establish a plan that helps give a student the financial freedom to focus on education.